Hurricane Relief Fund

Omega Charities has established a Hurricane Relief Fund. Contributions to this fund will be accepted from individuals, chapters and foundations via online by clicking the donate button above or below.

If you prefer, you have the option to submit your tax deductible check contributions payable to Omega Charities, Inc., and mail to:

Omega Charities, Inc.
3951 Snapfinger Parkway, Suite 202
Decatur, GA 30035

Please note “Hurricane Relief Fund” in the memo section of your check. You will receive a receipt for your contribution and thank you for helping Omega Charities to help others.


Louisiana Disaster Relief


An emergency Call to Action has been issued by the International Leadership of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., in an effort to provide relief to the people  that have been affected by the torrential flooding in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and surrounding areas. The city has been ravaged by the flood waters and so many have lost everything that they own to this crisis.

The need is real and we are asking for your tax-deductible support. To provide financial assistance to those affected, please click on the button below We thank you for the tremendous gifts of support that you will provide.













Support Flint Michigan


We are all painfully aware of the significant public health crisis currently affecting the residents of Flint, Michigan. This is a life threatening crisis involving contaminated water being dispensed in the Flint area. As a result, this has created serious health concern for the children and all citizens. This must be fixed immediately.

We want to assist those Flint residents and provide them with much-needed resources like safe bottled water and other necessities. We have partnered with Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc to accept tax deductible donations to further our assistance efforts.

Please contribute whatever you can, and we will insure that the donations get distributed to those most adversely affected.


Financial Literacy

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